Tiffany Model Lamps - Other Well-liked Antique Tiffany Lamps Not Produced By Louis C. Tiffany [Part one]

In case you are examining this information, you most likely know very well what Tiffany lamps are. Incase I'm Mistaken, allow me to offer you a brief introduction.

Tiffany lamps normally necessarily mean stained glass lamps. The main reason they're named Tiffany lamps is mainly because again in the late 1800's, early 1900's a man by the name of Louis Comfort Tiffany propelled stained glass lamps to a whole new level. He utilized an progressive strategy to create exquisite ornamental stained glass lamps that were operates of art. Again in the working day, Tiffany lamps ended up the many rage. And anyone who was wealthy enough to own a person experienced one particular. Even the white residence housed an excellent couple of lamps of Tiffany's.

Because of the recognition of those lamps, other company's wanted a bit of the action. And began generating their own personal Tiffany design lamps. Two of the most popular makers of those stunning works of artwork, (Tiffany Studios becoming probably the most effective and preferred), are Handel and Duffner & Kimberly.

Have you at any time heard of a Duffner & Kimberly lamps? What about a Handel?

Both of those lamp makers succeeded in produce high quality Tiffany style lamps. And in many cases right now, identical to Tiffany reproduction lamps, you can obtain Handel reproduction lamps and Duffner & Kimberly reproductions lamps.

What I would like to speak to you about, is Duffner & Kimberly lamps. Simply because when you've by no means heard of them, or hardly ever noticed one of these, then you're missing out on some lovely stained glass lamps!

That's Duffner & Kimberly?

A supervisor of a kerosene lamp factory named Frank Duffner shaped a company which has a talented stained glass window designer referred to as Oliver Kimberly. The shaped a business identified as Duffner & Kimberly Enterprise. Within the quick time their firm existed, they provides some beautiful elegant stained glass lamps.

What Was Special About Duffner & Kimberly "Tiffany Design" lamps?

The issue that Duffner & Kimberly strived for... the matter that established them other than almost every other Tiffany model lamp designer was their target to generate just the purest period of time type stained glass lamps for the finest houses in America.

They are lamp models experienced a massive emphasis within the "time period appear". This means they established glass lamps with Roman, Viking, Colonial and Louise XIII, XIV, XV and XVI models. While I've not noticed an original Duffner & Kimberly lamp, I've observed reproductions and there's a person lamp specifically that I obtain fully mesmerizing... I could even go as much to convey as spectacular.

My preferred lamp in Duffner & Kimberly's interval assortment will be the Italian Renaissance lamp. This is often my absolute favorite stained glass lamp of all time. I uncover it extremely wonderful. And I could stare at it all day long... but hay... I'm receiving of track below.

Exactly where was I? Oh... Of course... that's it... Duffner & Kimberly specialized in interval design glass lamps, but that is not to say they didn't make every other model glass lamps. Since they did. The tried out their hand at floral topic lamps.

This wasn't their strongest theme. I signify... no one could prime the inspiration and innovation of Louis C. Tiffany when it arrived to floral themed lamps. After all, he was the master at making terrific floral themed lamps. Nobody could capture that... je ne ce quoi he had. But under no circumstances-the-less. Duffner & Kimberly did create some floral themed lamps, and they are lovely lamps all the exact same. Louis C Tiffany Lamp popularized these lamps they usually, like any other enterprise, wished a piece of the action.

Only The finest High quality In Duffner & Kimberly Lamps

A fantastic superiority in Duffner & Kimberly lamps was the caliber of their lamps. They utilised only the finest glass and the finest bronze in their lamps. These lamps were of a really top quality and so fetched a large value.

So up coming time you try to find Tiffany lamps... keep your eye out for Duffner & Kimberly lamps. I am guaranteed you will discover them just as stunning as accurate Tiffany lamps!

Partially two of this post I'll talk about Handel lamps.

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